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July 05 Views Roundup with IPS - Egypt, Obama's Africa trip, NSA spying, fracking, more
A weekly roundup of what IPS personalities are talking about.

July 03 Rally to "Restore the Fourth" in Washington DC on Independence Day
The Institute for Policy Studies joins other Fourth Amendment advocates for a rally in Washington DC on Independence Day to protest NSA spying, oppose privacy violations, and uphold civil rights.

July 03 World Bank Phasing Out Coal, Ramping up Support for "Fracking"
But fracked gas releases greater greenhouse gas emissions than coal, studies suggest.

June 25 New Guide Explains How and Why America Has Become So Unequal
Growing Apart: A Political History of American Inequality, a new publication of Inequality.org by Colin Gordon, dives deeply into history, explores current events, and examines the root causes of inequality.

June 20 Africa Policy Leaders Demand a New Direction in President Obama's Policy toward the African Continent
As President Obama plans trip to Senegal, Tanzania, and South Africa, a press conference at the National Press Club will give voice to those calling for change in his Africa policy.

June 13 Jeffrey Sachs, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley to Speak at "Beyond the Great Recession and Beyond GDP" Event
Sachs and O'Malley to discuss how Gross Domestic Product can be replaced by other wellbeing indicators to help policymakers to make better choices for a sustainable future.

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