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August 28 NEW REPORT: Executive Excess 2013, "Bailed Out, Booted, and Busted"
IPS releases 20-year review showing that nearly 40 percent of America’s top-paid CEOs are not so great at their jobs.

August 20 "Idea Slam" Event Will Give a Chance to Air New Ideas to Change the World
The Institute for Policy Studies will hold an Idea Slam competition as part of its 50th Anniversary Celebration and Reunion. Celebrity judges include Danny Glover.

August 02 Senate Bill Would Reduce Taxpayer Subsidies for CEO Pay
A new bill would close a corporate tax loophole that promotes executive excess. IPS has been calling for a fix to this outrageous glitch in the tax code for two decades.

July 12 Views Roundup with IPS - Immigration Reform, Trayvon Martin, Inequality, Edward Snowden, more
A weekly roundup of what IPS personalities are talking about.

July 11 National "Town Hall" Broadcast Will Spur Dialog on Job Creation and Military
Experts will discuss the military budget, job creation, and rebalancing our national security in an interactive dialog that will be broadcast across the country.

July 09 Americans Thank Latin American Countries for Offering Asylum to Whistleblower Edward Snowden, Say to Justice Department: Stop Illegal NSA Spying and Hands Off Edward Snowden
The Institute for Policy Studies will join a coalition of groups which are coming together for a march and rally to thank to the Latin American countries that have offered asylum to Edward Snowden, protest NSA's surveillance of Americans and foreigners, and protest the Justice Department's campaign to prevent Snowden from being granted asylum.

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Elaine de Leon Elaine de Leon
IPS Communications Director
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