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April 10 International Coalition Supports El Salvador in Battle Against Canadian Mining Company
Some 300 groups urge World Bank to reject lawsuit that would devastate nation’s water

March 18 New Study Debunks Mining Company "Falsehoods" Regarding El Salvador
A new study debunks eight falsehoods the mining corporation OceanaGold has used to try to justify mining in El Salvador and undermine public debate and policymaking.

February 18 Harry Potter, Walking Dead Celebrities Team Up to Promote Wall Street Tax
Some of Europe’s biggest film stars promote a financial transaction tax, which Wall Street lobbyists and their European counterparts fiercely oppose.

December 18 News on Mistreatment of Indian Diplomat Ignores Story of Domestic Worker Abuse, says expert at Institute for Policy Studies
"The treatment of Khobragade during her arrest raises serious concerns for us and for our international allies, but it is our belief this cannot be used as an excuse to ignore the deeper questions raised by the case," said Tiffany Williams, Institute for Policy Studies.

December 06 "Viva Mandela, Viva!"
The Institute for Policy Studies Mourns and Celebrates Nelson Mandela, Revolutionary Freedom Fighter

December 05 President Obama's Words on Inequality Are "Not Enough," Say Experts at Institute for Policy Studies
President Obama’s remarks this week on inequality and economic mobility are on the right track but need to be followed by action, said experts Sam Pizzigati, editor of Inequality.org and IPS Associate Fellow, and Chuck Collins, director of the Inequality and the Common Good project at IPS.

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