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Lannan Lecture: Phyllis Bennis on Cultural Freedom

April 18, 2012 ·

In New Mexico, Bennis told the Lannan In Pursuit of Cultural Freedom series why the bloated military budget represents an atrocious investment for our society.

Phyllis Bennis talks to David Barsamian. Image by Lannan Foundation.Phyllis Bennis spoke about the recent upheavals in the Middle East as well as Israel and Palestine, and then engaged in an onstage conversation with David Barsamian. This event was part of the Lannan In Pursuit of Cultural Freedom series.

Cultural Freedom events feature philosophers, journalists, writers, scholars, and social justice activists discussing political, environmental, and human rights issues not normally covered by the mainstream media.  The format of these events is that of a talk on a specific subject for around 45 minutes, a brief intermission, then a conversation for 30 minutes.

For a video of the interview part of the event, click here.

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Matias Ramos
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