A tale of two policies: climate change, Trump, and the U.S. military

The U.S. government appears to be of two minds, with utterly opposing worldviews, on climate change policy. On one hand, the Trump Administration has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, has proposed eliminating three vital new climate satellites, reneged on an Obama era $2 billion commitment to the Green Climate Fund, and wants to slash funding to U.S. […]

Why Surround the White House?

Why am I going to Washington, DC next Saturday? Why do I want to join with others in the People’s Climate March  to surround the White House? Why do I want to tell Trump to pay attention to the fires in Florida, the floods in California, and — far from our shores — the drought across the Middle […]

Trump’s Military Budget Won’t Pass – But It Might Not Have To

President Donald Trump plans to request a massive shift in funding from the civilian sector to the military in his first budget proposal to the United States Congress. “President Trump’s budget would pay for a 54 billion dollar increase to defense — relative to legally-mandated budget caps for for fiscal year 18 — by decreasing funding for […]

Trump’s Insecurity Budget

Trump’s Insecurity Budget

Throwing money at the Pentagon while gutting other programs that protect Americans shouldn’t make anyone feel safer.

Commitment urged to global efforts against climate change

Countries have spent the last week trying to agree the rules for implementing the new agreement on climate action. How important do think global warming is? If Trump actually does manage to keep his notoriously short attention span focused on the four-year process for pulling out of the Paris Agreement, that pact will be damaged […]

Funding To Stop Climate Change Still Dwarfed By Military Spending

The United Nations climate change negotiations have been rolling in Marrakech for one week with the goal of solidifying the Paris Agreement — an international climate accord to limit global warming — and mapping a way forward for low-carbon and climate-resilient development. High-level leaders are now arriving for the second and final week of negotiations. […]

A Trump Budget?

It’s hard to understate the brutality of this election, and the uncertainty and fear about where we will go next. For many of us, our greatest hopes for peace, shared prosperity and economic security seem threatened at their core. While the reasons for our national divisions are complex, I’m convinced that one key is in […]

A Connection Bewteen Climate-Caused Conflict & Our National Budget

The latest US National Security Strategy cites climate change as “an urgent and growing threat to our national security, contributing to increased natural disasters, refugee flows and conflicts over basic resources like food and water.” But a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies,Combat vs. Climate describes how our national budget seriously and dangerously […]

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