Time to Tax the ‘Swanktuaries’

Time to Tax the ‘Swanktuaries’

Luxury buildings drive up housing costs, suck up energy, and help rich people warehouse wealth. They should pay a lot more than property taxes.

Five Tax Myths Debunked

Five Tax Myths Debunked

It’s easy to get lost in the noise from pundits and politicians who thrive on the tax code’s complexity.

MS-13 was two minutes from execution when police intervened in Houston, charges say

A member of the MS-13 street gang narrowly avoided being executed by other gang members earlier this month, his life likely saved by police who intercepted gang phone calls, according to court records filed in Harris County. Bryan Funes, 17, and Jorge Alexander Cortez, 23, were arrested last week in Austin. Both El Salvadoran immigrants, […]

Gary Cohn: experienced Democrat was singular figure in Trump’s White House

Even for a lesser titan of finance, one without a reputation for deep self-regard, it would have qualified as a painfully humbling moment. At a news conference in January, Gary Cohn, who was the Goldman Sachs No 2 for a decade, found himself called to the lectern by Donald Trump. The president had been asked by […]

The Taxman Cometh, Part 1: The Downside of the 2017 Tax Bill for Nonprofits

We’ve had a few reader requests to talk about the nonprofit implications of the new tax bill. The trick in meeting this request is that 1) smart people on this issue disagree and 2) I’m not one of the people in #1.  So I’ll try to lay out the gloom and doom case today, the […]

Why is Finland So Happy

The United Nations’ annual World Happiness Report(link is external) – which ranks nations according to self-reported subjective wellbeing – has just come out. And this year, the beautiful country of Finland has emerged on top! But other than this new victor, there are no real surprises. For the top 10 consists of the same countries that dominate every […]

Is Trump’s OSHA Ignoring the Dead

Workers Memorial Day is more than a month away, but the April 30 event held annually will occur at a time when remembering the fallen from work-related injuries or illnesses is made more difficult by the Trump administration. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) dropped fatality information that used to appear on its website […]

What You’re Saying: Charles L. Recktenwald, Jean Ricca, and Joan F. Walsh

The new campaign In 1968, civil rights leaders initiated a Poor People’s campaign. Now, 50 years later, a second, similar campaign is being launched. The first focused on racism, poverty, and the war economy. The current one will focus on the same three enemies of justice and societal well-being, and also on ecological destruction, which […]

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