The Republican Plan to Rob America

The Republican tax plan is a lie. It’s being sold with the promise that the tax cut will create jobs and growth. In fact, the Republican tax cuts, if passed, will become the major obstacle to the very investments vital to generating good jobs and future economic growth. Contrary to Donald Trump’s claims, the rich […]

Platinum pensions: Rich CEOs aren’t like you and me. They get multimillion-dollar pensions even when they’re forced out of their jobs.

I was struck by the news last week that former Equifax chief executive Richard Smith, who “retired” after a major data breach at the credit bureau was revealed, would get a pension worth more than $18 million. Equifax said last month that 145.5 million customer credit files were compromised when hackers accessed the company’s computer system. Smith, 57, won’t […]

Think corporate tax cuts will mean more jobs? Here’s how you’re being conned.

Riding a tide of tax cuts and rising profits over four decades, the captains of corporate America have shifted $1 trillion each year from the paychecks of middle class Americans into massive payoffs to Wall Street investors and to CEO and executive pay. And now they want you to believe, once again, that cutting corporate […]

Average CEO has to make do with $253,088 in monthly pension payments

In 1998, about half of all private-sector employers in the United States offered newly hired workers a defined-benefit pension for their retirement. By 2015, that percentage dropped to just 5%, according to the consulting firm Willis Towers Watson. Nearly all private-sector workers now make do with a 401(k) plan — and the average 401(k) balance is […]

Can Trump’s corporate tax cuts help the middle class?

Taxes may be inevitable, but how businesses and workers react to the tax code isn’t always predictable. Take President Donald Trump’s pledge this week to cut corporate taxes to 15 percent from their current 35 percent. In a speech in Missouri on Wednesday, Mr. Trump said a lower business tax rate would not only create jobs, […]

The trouble with Trump’s populist tax-reform pitch

The Republican push to sell the public on tax reform kicked into a higher gear Wednesday, as President Trump gave a speech at a manufacturing company in Springfield, Missouri, promoting the forthcoming GOP tax plan as a step to un-rig the economy and close loopholes that have benefitted the wealthy. Trump’s speech was light on […]

On this Labor Day, Trump honors. . . .management

President Trump is cheerleading for corporate tax cuts as part of his effort to make America grate, asserting that tax relief would encourage businesses to invest, expand, hire, and boost wages. But while cutting the 35-percent corporate rate may be perfectly logical if loopholes are eliminated and the plan is revenue neutral, his first problem […]