Hillary Clinton and the Neocons

Much has been made of the swing in political allegiances of neoconservatives in favor of Hillary Clinton. As a group, Washington’s neocons are generally terrified of Donald Trump’s unpredictability and his flirtation with the alt-right. They also support Clinton’s more assertive foreign policy (not to mention her closer relationship to Israel). Perhaps, too, after eight […]

The Double Standards of America’s Exceptionalism

On this episode of “By Any Means Necessary” host Eugene Puryear is joined by John Feffer, author and co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies to talk about America’s double standards when it comes to meddling with elections, the wavering and unclear role of NATO after the upcoming US elections, and the ways in which American exceptionalism is bad for America. … […]

Hillary Clinton: A Hawk in the Wings

Hillary Clinton: A Hawk in the Wings

After a mere eight years in which diplomacy narrowly edged out militarism, the foreign policy elite rallying around Clinton has forgotten the lessons of the George W. Bush era.

The Crusade Against Press Freedom

The Crusade Against Press Freedom

The latest attacks on journalists and news organizations by corrupt populists are contributing to a global rollback of fundamental rights.

Cape Ann Forum to host John Feffer

Cape Ann Forum will host a presentation by John Feffer at 7 p.m. Sept. 25 at Gloucester City Hall, 9 Dale Ave. A Washington-based author, novelist, playwright and foreign policy analyst, Feffer will look at the rise of right-wing extremist movements across the world and survey the global challenges for U.S. foreign policy during the […]

Are We Near the End of NATO?

Are We Near the End of NATO?

Problems with Turkey, Eastern Europe, and Donald Trump could tear the rickety alliance apart at the seams.

Obama’s Africa policy — an expanding military footprint to grab resources

United States President Barack Obama has carried out classically colonial, imperialistic policies towards Africa during his time in office. John Feffer, from the Washington-based Institute for Policy Studies, said in a Common Dreams article: “Strip away all the modern PR and prettified palaver and it’s an ugly scramble for oil, minerals, and markets for U.S. […]

Children as suicide bombers pose new challenges for security forces

Officials in Turkey are still working to determine whether the suicide bomber who killed more than 50 people at a wedding in Gaziantep Saturday was an adult or a child, but terrorism experts say the weaponization of children by ISIS and other terrorist groups is a growing concern regardless of the perpetrator of this attack. Turkey’s […]

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