World Bank Corruption

The Bank’s management tried to stifle an internal report that found that its funds are vulnerable to theft and diversion.

Cities Can Save the Earth

To deal with big crises, we have to think big, and that means starting with our cities.

Pelosi the Hawk

Nancy Pelosi’s record on the Middle East tacks right and undermines human rights.

Human Rights City Toolkit

Transform social awareness in your city to address human rights issues on a local level.

Beyond the AIG Bonuses

Many taxpayer subsidies for executive excess have not yet hit the headlines.

The Imperial Unconscious

Predators, reapers, and imperial graveyards: Washington’s language betrays its stubborn imperial ambitions.

Ploughshares into Swords

Why is South Korean military spending going up even at a time of global recession?

Paying for a Strong Economy

IPS scholars find that taxes on the wealthy don’t hurt consumption, and discourage the type of speculation that fueled the high-tech and housing bubbles.

Executive Pay and the Stimulus Bill

This memo summarizes the key provisions in the stimulus legislation to restrict compensation for executives of bailed-out companies.

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