Right-wing Israel lobby groups are in the second half of a fierce campaign to convince Congress and the American public that the Iran deal should be rejected.

THOMAS HEDGES, TRNN: Right-wing Israel lobby groups like the American-Israel Pubic Affairs Committee or AIPAC are halfway through an enormous PR campaign right now. They’re trying to convince both Congress and the American public that the Iran nuclear deal, which was approved last month, was a mistake.

PHYLLIS BENNIS, INSTITUTE FOR POLICY STUDIES: We will fund your opponents, is the unspoken undercurrent of these kinds of pressure techniques.

BENNIS: The fact that AIPAC, which claims to represent the interest of U.S. Jews, boy are they out of touch with the actual opinion of Jews in this country. They ignore the reality that organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace are the organizations that are rising in the Jewish community, while the influence of AIPAC is declining. AIPAC has the money in the Jewish community. They represent older, richer, more right-wing Jews.

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