Sarah Byrnes is the Director of the New Economy Transition in New England, a program of the Institute for Policy Studies. She supports the local “Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition” pilot program and work to enhance the resilience of the New England region as a whole. Sarah also coordinates the network of Resilience Circles, small groups focused on mutual aid during this tough economy. Sarah has collaborated with many grassroots groups around the country to build community and enhance resilience, and has written about the importance of mutual aid, relationships, and community connections in activism and organizing. Before coming to IPS Sarah worked with Americans for Financial Reform, Americans for Fairness in Lending, the Thomas Merton Center, and the Center of Concern, and she has degrees from Boston College and Harvard Divinity School.


Resilience + Resistance: A Recipe for Justice and Sustainability

In order to achieve climate justice, we must use both resistance to interrupt and prevent encroachment by a politically powerful fossil fuel industry and resilience to build new skills and institutions for sustainable communities.
Sarah Byrnes

Figuring Out Your Role: Talking Resilience with Sarah Byrnes

An interview with Sarah Byrnes
Small food shop lit at night

A Tale of Two Supermarkets: One Transition Town’s Efforts to Respond to Gentrification

It takes much more than one project or policy to address gentrification. It takes a movement.
Farmers market

New England Can Feed Itself: A Vision for Regional Food Resilience

A regional food system does a better job at providing healthy food for all, supporting sustainable farming and fishing, and supporting thriving communities.
Egleston Farmers Market

Food, Livelihoods, and Bridging Race and Class Divides

If we are to have an economy that works for everyone in harmony with the planet, then everyone has a part to play in the transition.