60-Second Expert: Ban Ki Moon and R2P

The UN secretary general has taken a forceful position on the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.
Book Review:’The Rise and Fall of Fast Track Trade Authority’

Book Review:'The Rise and Fall of Fast Track Trade Authority'

A new book on U.S. trade policy demonstrates that fast track is the wrong track.
Demystifying Iran

Demystifying Iran

Beneath the fog of politics, according to a new documentary, Iran has a vibrant youth and art culture.

60-Second Expert: The U.S. and the UN Disability Treaty

139 countries have ratified the disability treaty. But not the United States. The Obama administration can change that with a stroke of the pen.

60-Second Expert: A Tipping Point in the Niger Delta

Oil companies and the Nigerian military are attempting to maintain control of what will soon be one-quarter of U.S. oil imports.