Matias Ramos is the 2011 Carol Jean and Edward F. Newman Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. He works in the Institute’s communications department, identifying and maximizing opportunities to build online audiences.

Prior to joining IPS, Matias had fellowships at the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education and the National Immigration Law Center. In addition, he is a co-founder of United We Dream, a national immigrant youth advocacy network. He studied Political Science at UCLA, where he was involved in the publication of “Underground Undergrads: UCLA Undocumented Immigrant Students Speak Out.”


Phyllis Bennis on Democracy Now!: “Israel More Isolated than Hamas”

Phyllis Bennis on Democracy Now!: "Israel More Isolated than Hamas"

Phyllis Bennis discusses the Israeli attack on Gaza.

HuffPost Live: Is Libya better off now?

Despite the recent killing of Amb. Stevens and unrest in Libya, President Obama defended intervention in Libya in his UNGA speech Tuesday. Phyllis Bennis participated in this discussion on the Huffington Post's new live channel.
Phyllis Bennis Appears on MSNBC’s ‘Up with Chris Hayes’

Phyllis Bennis Appears on MSNBC's 'Up with Chris Hayes'

The director of our New Internationalism Project invited to speak after a week that saw uprisings in the Middle East and left one U.S. ambassador dead.

IPS Salutes a Golf Win

The end of Augusta's men-only membership marked a victory for IPS associate fellow Martha Burk.

The 800,000 Government Jobs Republicans Won't Cut

Dick Cheney and House Republicans claim military spending cuts will hurt the country, but most of the pain will be in military contractors' pockets.