James H. Nolt is campus dean at NYIT Nanjing (China) and a senior fellow at the World Policy Institute.


China’s Looming Economic Crisis

China's Looming Economic Crisis

The Chinese economy continues to grow at a fast pace. But signs of distress lurk just below the surface.

Strategic Dialogue on the Beijing Olympics

Are China's relations with Sudan a reason for the international community to boycott the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics? Eric Reeves and James Nolt take sides.

Counterproductive Olympic Protests

Those protesting Beijing's hosting of the summer Olympics are simply stoking patriotic feelings within China, argues James Nolt.

Strategic Partnership or Strategic Competition

Are the United States and China heading toward an economic and military showdown or a peaceful convergence of interests? Two prominent China scholars, James Nolt and Bonnie Glaser, go head-to-head to answer the question.

U.S.-China-Taiwan Military Relations

Despite frequent alarms about the supposed China threat, China is not an emerging superpower.

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