The Banal Militarism of Hollywood

The Banal Militarism of Hollywood

Appealing to jingoism is certainly easier than prompting national introspection, but is priming an audience for blood what we call art today?
“Argo” and Hollywood’s Muslim Problem

"Argo" and Hollywood's Muslim Problem

While well-intentioned, "Argo" falls into the common Hollywood trap of making Muslims into a monolithic Green Menace.
Down with Drone War Silence

Down with Drone War Silence

A hole in the ground, stained in blood, where a family once lived peacefully--is this to be the calling card of America's counterterrorism campaign in Pakistan?
Pepsi, Pot, Porn…and Politics

Pepsi, Pot, Porn...and Politics

The false contradictions of bin Laden's life on the run.
Democracy Doesn’t Equal Instability

Democracy Doesn't Equal Instability

As the current revolts in the Middle East demonstrate, the democracy-versus-stability debate rests on a false dichotomy.