Emira Woods is the Global Client Principal for Social Impact Programs at ThoughtWorks, a technology firm commited to social and economic justice. From 2003 to 2014, she was co-director of Foreign Policy In Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies, and an expert on U.S. foreign policy with a special emphasis on Africa and the developing world. She has written on a range of issues from debt, trade and development to U.S. military policy. Emira serves on the Board of Directors of Africa Action, Just Associates, Global Justice and the Financial Policy Forum. She is also on the Network Council of Jubilee USA.

Emira completed her undergraduate studies at Columbia University and her graduate studies at Harvard. Prior to joining IPS, she was program manager for the Committee on Development Policy and Practice at InterAction, serving as a principal staff contact for advocacy at the UN, the international financial institutions, USAID and Treasury. Previous to that, she served as a program officer of Oxfam America’s Africa program.

Ms. Woods is a regular commentator on CNN’s Your World Today, BBC’s The World Today (Weekend), and appears regularly on Al Jazeera and Voice of America. She has hosted a WashingtonPost.com online chat and has published pieces in BBC’s Focus on Africa magazine, NAACP’s Crisis magazine as well as the Miami Herald, the Christian Science Monitor, New York Newsday, the Nation, the Baltimore Sun, and the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, among many others.

Ms. Woods is chair of the Board of Africa Action and serves on the advisory committee of the Zimbabwe Alliance as well as the Humanity United/Trustafrica Liberia program. She is also on the Board of Directors of Global Justice and is a member of the Network Council of Jubilee USA.


U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit

Vast Resources in Africa Cannot Be Extracted To Benefit the 1%

Large corporations — particulaly in oil, gas, mining, and land acquisition — dominate the table alongside the U.S. government in the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit.

Statement in Support and Solidarity with the Abducted Girls of the Government Girls School, Chibok, Nigeria

A coalition of faith-based, human rights groups, and members of the Nigerian Diaspora in the United States will hold a vigil in Washington, DC in support of the abducted school girls of the Government Girls School in Chibok, Nigeria and to show solidarity with the families of the girls.
The Moment for Climate Justice

The Moment for Climate Justice

As global civil society calls for a renewable energy revolution, the U.S. Congress is considering an African energy initiative that leaves the door wide open to fossil fuels.
Electrifying Africa – But at What Cost to Africans?

Electrifying Africa - But at What Cost to Africans?

Two U.S. initiatives to provide Africans with electricity seem likely to lead to large, climate-polluting projects rather than the locally sourced renewable energy rural Africa needs.
Ethno-Religious Violence in Central African Republic

Ethno-Religious Violence in Central African Republic

Emira Woods discusses the international community's concerns regarding the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic on Voice of America.

Institute for Policy Studies

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