Domenica graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in journalism and political science in 2015. As an undergraduate student she led the UConn American Civil Liberties Union chapter and was an executive member of UConn Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

Domenica was the vice chair of the student development committee in UConn’s undergraduate student government. She used this position to connect student activists to the administration, co-founding a Student Task Force on Diversity. Domenica also led efforts to prevent sexual assault on campus and strengthen sexual assault awareness programs during her time with student government.

Domenica was also a senior staff writer and copy editor for the Daily Campus, where her beat centered around issues of race, gender, and Greek Life.

Domenica’s main priorities as an activist and writer have been ending the drug war, reforming the criminal justice system, bringing justice to Palestine, speaking out against rape culture, and curbing Islamophobia.



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