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    • Released January 16, 2009
    State of the Dream 2009
    By Jeannette Huezo, Christina Kasica, Dedrick Muhammad, Amaad Rivera

    In this year's report, we found that people of color are experiencing a silent economic depression. It's silent because it's going unnoticed, unacknowledged, and unaddressed — and yet the evidence is striking.

    We detail additional evidence that shows the current racial economic inequity, including poverty rates, wealth and assets and economic mobility. While racial barriers did not prevent an African American from becoming president, they continue to impede many people of color from achieving the same economic success as their white counterparts.

    You can see a video summary of the report by Dedrick Muhammad here.

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    • Released January 14, 2009
    A Sensible Plan for Recovery
    By Sarah Anderson, John Cavanagh, Chuck Collins, Dedrick Muhammad, Sam Pizzigati

    The grassroots blowback against the Bush administration’s proposed Wall Street bailout is rooted in deep distrust. Americans recognize the need to act on our current crisis but detest the idea that ordinary taxpayers should bear the brunt of bailing out the kingpins of Wall Street.

    The Bush administration, with its recent moves to begin purchasing bank equity, has essentially acknowledged the inadequacy of the original bailout plan. The administration’s new direction, even so, remains inadequate. We believe the program we outline in this report can far better address the root causes of our financial collapse and restore trust and confidence in our economic system.

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    • Released October 27, 2008
    Talking Points: Economic Meltdown
    By Chuck Collins

    Put over-reliance on the free market together with “hands-off” government and you get an economic melt-down, with the spectacle of the government bailing out and buying giant financial firms: the very antithesis of the “free market” that the Wall Street cheerleaders were extolling. The Bush administration turned our economy into a casino and gave rich investors almost all the chips. The following document is a series of talking points, in an easy-to-read question-and-answer format, on the key questions being discussed today about the global economic meltdown.

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