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    • Published October 11, 2005
    • 320
    • ISBN 978-1560257875
    Taking Back the Corporation: A Mad as Hell Guide
    By Ralph Estes and Ralph Nader

    Not so long ago, corporate America was widely respected. Our products set the standards for the world; corporations bore a fair share of the tax burden; customers, workers, and communities were loyal to companies like GM, GE, Ford, and Procter & Gamble, and to a fair degree that loyalty was reciprocated. Not anymore. Recent headlines tell the story: Bank of America Penalized $464,000,000 for Defrauding Mutual Fund Investors; Citibank to pay $1,600,000 to Twenty-Six States for Engaging in Consumer Deception; General Electric Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Pentagon, Pays $69,000,000 in Fines. And on, and on.

    Taking Back the Corporation tells us what to do about it. Among many useful resources and references for activists, it includes a special toolkit for reforming corporations and provides a primer on corporations, organizing, contacting the media, and drafting local ordinances.

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    • Published January 15, 2005
    • ISBN 978-0807047194
    Wealth and Our Commonwealth: Why America Should Tax Accumulated Fortunes
    By Chuck Collins and Bill Gates Sr.

    More than a thousand individuals of high net worth rose up to protest the repeal of the estate tax-Newsweek tagged them the "billionaire backlash." The primary visionaries of that group, Bill Gates Sr. and Chuck Collins, argue here that individual wealth is a product not only of hard work and smart choices but of the society that provides the fertile soil for succes. Weaving personal narratives, history, and plenty of solid economic sense, Gates and Collins make a sound and compelling case for estate tax reform, not repeal.

    "Bill Gates and Chuck Collins provide a clear rationale for retaining the estate tax in this helpful and unselfish analysis." -Jimmy Carter, winner of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize

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