Program on Inequality and the Common Good

Extreme inequalities of income, wealth and opportunity undercut democracy, social solidarity and mobility, economic stability, and many other aspects of our personal and public lives.  The Program on Inequality and the Common Good focuses on these and other dangers that income disparities pose for the U.S.

Through research and reporting, this program encourages policy interventions that can reduce extreme wealth inequality, and close the growing gap between the rich and poor. Recent reports have examined the estate tax, the racial wealth gap, inequality in philanthropy, and other topics related to extreme wealth concentration. The central theme of the program is that without significant reform and a systemic view of inequality on both a national and global level, the overall wealth divide will continue to grow exponentially.

Latest Work


Business Leaders Agree: Inequality Hurts The Bottom Line

A growing number of corporate leaders say it's time for them to start sharing the wealth.

A Media Mogul's Noble Challenge to Moguldom

The newspaper publishing giant E.W. Scripps would be deeply distressed to see what has become of his namesake company - and beloved country.

How Gary Cohn and Andrew Mellon Both Failed America

Mellon's failure greased the nation's way into a decade of Great Depression. Will Cohn's tax-cuts do the same?

One-Time Bonuses, Full-Time Con: Trump's Tax Cuts Deliver Worker Layoffs

Corporate public relations teams extol bonuses to pump up the Republican re-election effort, but many people will end up unemployed.

Just How Unequal Are America's Major Corporations?

Pay scales at major U.S. businesses are way out of whack — and that's just at the ones we know about.

How to Reduce Poverty and Inequality Through State Government Taxes

As the new federal tax law slashes IRS bills for corporations and the wealthy, the momentum is growing for progressive state-level taxes that could recoup some of these resources.

The Tax Scam Is Starting to Sink In

While billionaires fund a PR push for the tax law, most ordinary workers report seeing no increase in their take-home pay.

The Big Pharma Family that Brought Us the Opioid Crisis

Who will bring to justice the billionaires who have profited so royally from addiction?

Racism is Literally Killing African-American Mothers

The chronic stress of racism endangers black moms of all kinds — from Serena Williams to Erica Garner.

Tipping Is a Legacy of Slavery That It's Time to Outgrow

It's bad for workers, customers, and the economy alike when employers pass the cost of a living wage entirely on to their customers.

Taxing Wealth to Make Public College Free Again

California's ballot initiative aims to make college tuition-free by reinstating the estate tax.

Wealth, Privilege, and Income Inequality

How did we get here, and where do we go next?

No Love for Working Families This Valentine’s Day

A Pennsylvania secretary gets an extra $1.50 a week from the GOP tax bill. The Koch brothers get an extra $27 million.

The Super Bowl Should Support Communities, Not Displace Them

Minnesota activists have launched a week of resistance against racism, corporatism, and displacement caused by the Super Bowl in Minneapolis.

A California Trend Worth Catching: College for All

America's left coast is showing how to break up concentrated wealth and fund higher education for all.
Trump-tax plan-Republicans

One Year of Trump: Boomtimes for Billionaires

The Trump tenure has been boom times for those at the top. For the rest of the country, economic opportunity looks bleak.
From Davos to Dystopia

Where Rich People Should Have Gone Instead of Davos: Home

If they want to save the world, people of means should invest in their own communities, pay their taxes, and support social movements.
House keys on a wooden table

What Happens When Wall Street Becomes Your Landlord?

Wall Street rental empires pit the profits of investors against the needs of tenants — leading to absurd rent increases, dangerous negligence, and high eviction rates.

Do the Poor Deserve Health Care? These Politicians Say No.

Billionaire-backed politicians are turning Kentucky's health care miracle into a tragedy.

Apple Avoided $40 Billion in Taxes. Now It Wants a Gold Star?

What Apple really unveiled were plans to collect a massive windfall from the GOP’s corporate tax handout.

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