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    • Released August 30, 2005
    Executive Excess 2005
    By Sarah Anderson, John Cavanagh, Scott Klinger, Liz Stanton

    This 12th annual study of executive compensation devotes a special section to pay among top defense contractors, illuminating the inequality of sacrifice in the Iraq War. The report also reviews and updates some of the most harmful pay trends of the past decade and a half, such as excessive compensation for the CEOs who are hurting workers by underfunding employee pensions or those who are straining our public services by not paying their fair share of taxes. For each trend, we have selected inductees in a CEO Hall of Shame who best symbolize these harmful pay policies.

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    • Released June 1, 2005
    AFTER the FTAA: Lessons from Europe for the Americas
    By Sarah Anderson and John Cavanagh

    Full report in Spanish: DESPUÉS del ALCA:  Lecciones de Europa para las Américas

    The European Union is a unique experiment in a broad approach to integration that has attempted to reduce economic and social disparities between rich and poor countries and within member nations.  This report, available in English and Spanish, highlights some of the lessons from the EU experience that are relevant to the debate over integration in the Western Hemisphere. 

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    • Released April 15, 2005
    Wal-Mart's Pay Gap
    By Sarah Anderson

    This short report shows how Wal-Mart’s generous compensation for top executives contrasts sharply with the wages of the people who produced or sold the goods that earned the company $10.3 billion in profits on sales of $285 billion in 2004.

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