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    • Released March 26, 2009
    Beyond the AIG Bonuses
    By Sarah Anderson, Chuck Collins, Sam Pizzigati

    The incredible firestorm over the $165 million bonus payout at failed insurance giant AIG has dramatically revealed the depth of the public anger at private companies that enrich themselves at taxpayer expense. Congressional action to recoup these bonuses through taxes would be a positive step, but merely undoing the AIG bonuses will leave in place tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies for banks and corporations that routinely overcompensate their executives. This report includes a chart that identifies key taxypayer subsidies for executive excess and the various reforms now pending in Congress that speak to these problems.

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    • Released February 13, 2009
    Executive Pay and the Stimulus Bill
    By Sarah Anderson and Sam Pizzigati

    This memo critiques the executive pay provisions in the stimulus bill passed by Congress on February 13. It includes a chart comparing the stimulus provisions with the compensation restrictions in the original financial bailout legislation, as well as the Treasury Department rules announced by President Obama on February 4.

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    • Released February 12, 2009
    The CEO Pay Debate: Myths v Facts
    By Sarah Anderson and Sam Pizzigati

    Efforts to rein in excessive executive compensation are facing fierce resistance in the U.S. Congress.  This fact sheet identifies and dissects eight common justifications against public policy actions on executive pay. Click here to download "Executive Excess 2008: How Average Taxpayers Subsidize Runaway Pay," an in-depth report on this issue.

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