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Institute for Policy Studies
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Date & Time

September 9, 2013
11:00 am to 8:00 pm


General Area
583 Park Avenue at 63rd Street,
New York, NY, USA

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Event / Conference

Tribute to Justice

The Institute for Policy Studies proudly joins the Charles Horman Truth Foundation to to mark 40 years since the military coup in Chile.

event logoThis September marks 40 years since the military coup in Chile. Please join the Charles Horman Truth Foundation for a “Tribute to Justice” to celebrate legal officials and human rights activists who contributed to the investigation, arrest, detention and prosecution of Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet and others for crimes against humanity, thereby contributing to and fostering a worldwide human rights movement. We will also give recognition to the films and other cultural activities which have informed and inspired support for the ongoing pursuit of justice.


  1. Taking Accountability for Human Rights Crimes to the Top
  2. What is the Future of Universal Jurisdiction?


  • Center for Constitutional Rights:Peter Weiss, Nancy Stearns, Rhonda Copelon (posthumously), John Corwin
  • Joan Garcés
  • Judge Baltasar Garzón
  • Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC
  • Ambassador John O’Leary (posthumously)
  • Peter Kornbluh
  • Judge Juan Guzmán Tapia


  • Joyce Horman, Patricio Guzmán, Costa Gavras, Joan Jara,
  • Chris Lemmon, Elizabeth Farnsworth
  • Music by Chilean singer-songwriter Claudia Acuña

Proceeds benefit the Charles Horman Truth Foundation educational and legal efforts.

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