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Institute for Policy Studies
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May 5, 2013
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Politics & Prose
5015 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC, USA

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New Economy Working Group » Event / Author Event

Author Event: What Then Must We Do?

Author and political economist, Gar Alperovitz will discuss and sign his new book about alternative economic models based on community land trusts and worker-owned businesses.

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Distinguished historian and political economist Gar Alperovitz offers a stunning roadmap for systemic change in his new book, What Then Must We Do? Alperovitz points to efforts already underway in thousands of communities across America, from co-ops, community land trusts, and worker-owned firms, to exciting municipal and state strategies like renewable energy companies. And each initiative democratizes the wealth of a society in which 400 individuals own more than the bottom 185 million. Through such everyday activities that promote entrepreneurship and sustainability, Americans are creating a new economy—and the basis for a new progressive politics.

Alperovitz marshals years of research to show how such bottom-up approaches can work to check monopolistic corporate power, empower communities and protect the environment. The result is a highly accessible look at the current state of affairs in the U.S., and a common-sense roadmap for building a system more in sync with American values.

IPS' New Economy Working Group and Democracy Collaborative invite you to hear Gar speak about and sign his book, What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk about the Next American Revolution. Folloiwng and Gar's opening remarks will be a question and answer session.