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Split This Rock Poem of the Week: Remica L. Bingham

May 27, 2010 ·

A moment of verse, brought to you by the folks from Split This Rock Poetry Festival.

Remica Bingham.A weekly featured poem of provocation and witness. You can find more poetry and arts news from Blog This Rock.

Final Exam Administration

I enter to find all the students in uniform
occupying a small room.

I hand out pencils and registration forms.
Some begin without orders.

I remind them to remain anonymous
no names, just ID numbers should appear

on the waiting pages, white and clean
as unwritten letters or discharges.

Just a number   the private
in BCGs and fatigues mumbles

from the back   that’s all
we are.  A number

and a gun.   His comrades laugh,
erasing what might have been.

Do your best   I say,
and they settle, salute.

-Remica L. Bingham
Used by permission.