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From the Frontlines: May 13th, 2010

May 13, 2010 ·

The forgotten people of America,drone maps of Pakistan, and an amendment we can get behind.

The forgotten men and women of America, via Firedoglake and The New York Times. Just more evidence that we need a new social safety net.  

Salon: Arizona bans ethnic studies courses in schools, which "relies on is the assumption that white people's history is history, and everyone else’s is 'ethnic studies,' or worse, 'teaching hate.'"  

The Boston Globe has horrible, striking photos from the Gulf.  

Senators Jeff Merkley (OR) and Carl Levin (MI) have introduced an amendment to the financial reform bill that would "rein in proprietary trading (i.e. subprime securities, derivatives) by 'regular' banks; impose capital requirements on 'systemically important' nonbanks (think Goldman, AIG, Morgan Stanley) so when their crappy bets don’t pan out we don’t have to pick up the tab; and prevent investment banks from betting against the very securities they peddle to their clients."  

Labor unions may have to abandon Obama to fight corporate power.

The New America Foundation has mapped areas of known drone strikes in Pakistan.

Jennifer Doak
Outreach & Production Coordinator