Tope Folarin


Tope Folarin

Tope Folarin was educated at Morehouse College, and the University of Oxford, where he earned two Master’s degrees as a Rhodes Scholar. In 2010 he served as a Newman Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. In 2013 Tope won the Caine Prize for African Writing for his short story, ‘Miracle.’ He is currently completing his first novel.


From The IPS Cave: A Conversation between Newman Fellows

Due to a recent move within the IPS office, the Newman Fellows are forced to share an office (along with New Economy Working Group Coordinator, Noel) in the side "cave" where nobody visits--this has forced them to talk to each other.

Nigeria @ 50

The direction that Nigeria takes -- towards a future of hope and growth, or one of backsliding and defeat -- depends, to a great extent, on the country's future leadership.

Immigrants’ American Dreams

We need a system that responds to the realities of immigration in this country while rejecting the knee-jerk discrimination that the Arizona law represents.
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