Sam Pizzigati


Sam Pizzigati

Veteran labor journalist and Institute for Policy Studies associate fellow Sam Pizzigati edits Too Much, a weekly newsletter on excess and inequality. He also contributes a weekly column to OtherWords, the Institute’s national non-profit editorial service. His latest book is The Rich Don’t Always Win. Pizzigati lives in Kensington, Maryland.


How can you tell a really smart rich guy from a really silly one? The really smart one would never spend four years writing a book that tries to justify the incredible riches of incredibly rich people. Mega-millionaire Edward Conard has done just that.

Pothole Nation

We can thank inequality for America's inadequate -- and increasingly unsafe -- basic infrastructure.

Happy Days Here Again, 21st Century-Style

Great economic cataclysms have in the past knocked the super rich off their stride. Our Great Recession's deep pockets, stunning new income data show, are bucking the historical tide.

Should We All Start Praying for Mitt Romney?

Absolutely. The GOP Presidential hopeful from Bain Capital has become a walking, talking object lesson on how plutocracy works - and why we desperately need to end it.
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