Ryan Alexander


Ryan Alexander

Ryan Alexander is president of Taxpayers for Common Sense, a nonpartisan federal budget watchdog. www.taxpayer.net


Snake-Oil Deficit Savings

Like things you spot in your side-view mirror, many of the budget numbers flitting around the debt talks are larger than they appear.

Rebuilding Resilience

We have to stop subsidizing people to live in harm's way.

Armed with Irony

If lawmakers really want to stop blank checks for spending binges, they should start with the Pentagon.

The Drought Lottery

Our lawmakers should spend the next month figuring out how to reduce our $16 trillion debt instead of showering special interests with even more wasteful subsidies that have nothing to do with the drought.

Green Scissors for Congress

The United States can't afford giveaways for mining and oil companies anymore.

Drinking MOX-Laced Lemonade

The government is spending $15 billion to create a nuclear fuel derived from plutonium that we have to bribe companies to take.
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