Kevin Shih


Kevin Shih

Kevin Shih is the 2010 – 2011 Carol Jean and Edward F. Newman Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. He is currently a researcher for the Global Economy Project and New Economy Working Group.

After graduating from Pitzer College with a BA in Sociology, Kevin was involved with the Clean Air Campaign at the Labor Community Strategy Center in Los Angeles. He was also an intern for the Welfare Reform and Income Support Division at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities prior to joining IPS. Kevin’s research interests include social welfare programs, poverty alleviation policies, socio-economic inequality, and sustainable economic development.


From The IPS Cave: A Conversation between Newman Fellows

Due to a recent move within the IPS office, the Newman Fellows are forced to share an office (along with New Economy Working Group Coordinator, Noel) in the side "cave" where nobody visits--this has forced them to talk to each other.

A Few Thoughts on the Mid-Term Elections

As we enter a more challenging political landscape, IPS will continue to utilize its inside-outside strategy to promote true democracy and challenge concentrated wealth, corporate influence, and military power.
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