Giorgio Cafiero


In Tehran, All Eyes on North Korea

Developments on the Korean peninsula will almost certainly influence calculations made in Washington and Tehran.

The Somaliazation of Syria

Unless a tactical shift in the balance of power occurs, it is unlikely that either the regime or the rebels will gain control of Syria's entire territory.

China’s Sudan Challenge

Can China manage an effective partnership with both Sudans?

The Dreams and Dilemmas of Iraqi Kurdistan

Amidst the Middle East's ongoing conflicts and turmoil, the Kurds of northern Iraq may come out on top with an independent state.

Hamas in the New Middle East

The Arab Awakening has made short work of Hamas' longstanding alliance with Bashar al-Assad.

Hezbollah Hedges Its Bets on Assad

Although Hezbollah has been a strong ally of Bashar al-Assad, there are signs the Lebanese group is preparing for a future without him.
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