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High Business Costs a 'Curse'? Not if it Means the Wage Floor Rises.

August 28, 2011 · · Originally published in The Boston Globe

A letter to the editor in the Boston Globe emphasizes the benefits of reining in inequality.

The Sunday (Boston) Globe reports the shocking disparities of income and opportunity engulfing the Commonwealth. Yet in a story on the front page of the Money & Careers section, we learn that Massachusetts is “cursed with high business costs,’’ largely because of high wages (“Stripped of stereotypes, a Mass.-N.H. business analysis reveals many ‘facts’ are pure fiction,’’ Aug. 21).

If we want to reduce extreme inequalities, the wage floor will have to rise. That would be no curse, but a blessing, a sign that we’re the kind of Commonwealth we’d all like to live in.

That is one curse we don’t want to reverse.

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