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    • Released October 30, 2003
    Sustainable Development North and South
    By Daphne Wysham

    This report identifies ways of encouraging low-carbon, anti-poverty project investments in developing countries, and discouraging international financial institutions' (IFIs) and export credit agencies' (ECAs) investments in fossil fuels. Given the slow pace of IFI and ECA reform, the paper examines a number of alternative measures that can be introduced independent of IFI and ECA reform.

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    • Released September 22, 2003
    The World Bank and Fossil Fuels: At the Crossroad

    A one-year glimpse and update on previous research showing the World Bank Group's projects related to fossil fuels from Sept. 1, 2002 to Sept. 15, 2003 is completed in this research.

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    • Released August 13, 2003
    Crude Vision
    By Stephen Kretzman, Jim Vallette, Daphne Wysham

    This report uncovers newly released documents revealing the history of oil interests and chemical weaponds deals made by U.S. Government officials with Iraq dating back several decades, and refutes the claims made by Bush Administration that the Iraq war was largely in order to eliminate chemical weapons possessed by Saddam Hussein.

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