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    • Released April 10, 2008
    World Bank: Climate Profiteer
    By Janet Redman

    After years of waning global influence, the World Bank has attached itself to the climate crisis like a patient on life support. Facing a crisis of legitimacy over its failed economic policy proscriptions and long track record of boondoggle projects, the aging institution is attempting to give itself a makeover. No longer is it just the Bank whose “dream is a world free of poverty.” Now it is the Bank that can solve the climate crisis. The facelift includes a $2 billion portfolio of trust funds that channel carbon finance – money used to buy cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from projects in developing countries – from polluting industrialized countries in the global North to some of the most ecologically destructive industries in the global South.

    This report exposes the World Bank for what it is – and names it as such – a “climate change profiteer.” The World Bank irresponsibly and recklessly continues to perpetuate the world’s dependence on climate-altering fossil fuels while profiting from carbon trading, which is a dubious remedy to climate change.

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    • Released December 3, 2004
    En Sentido Contrario desde Rio
    By Nadia Martinez, Jim Vallette, Daphne Wysham

    This report is the Spanish translation of our report, "Wrong Turn from Rio: The World Bank's Road to Climate Catastrophe." See below for summary.

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    • Released December 1, 2004
    Wrong Turn from Rio
    By Nadia Martinez, Jim Vallette, Daphne Wysham

    SEEN's researchers conduct their most comprehensive review to date of the role of the World Bank in sabotaging every attempt over more than a decade by actors inside and outside the Bank to address its disproportionate impact on the global climate.

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