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    • Released September 1, 2006
    One More Failed U.S. Environmental Policy
    By Kristin S. Schafer
    Key Points
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    • Released August 5, 2006
    Islamic Blowback Part Two?
    By Najum Mushtaq
    A core component of America's foreign policy since September 11 has been educational reform in Muslim countries to check the influence of extremist ideologies and fundamentalism. International obligations under the UN Security Council's anti-extremism resolutions also require curricular reform. Pakistan, as the birthplace of the Taliban and home to many a militant Islamic movement, finds itself at the center of policy debates and projects on curbing extremism and promoting “moderate Islam” through education.
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    • Released July 12, 2006
    The Iraqi Civil Conflict: Another Reason for Bringing the Troops Home
    By Raed Jarrar
    The ongoing civil conflict in Iraq is one of the major issues being considered in the debate over future U.S. military and political steps in Iraq. A growing number of analysts argue that U.S. military forces must stay in Iraq to prevent a full-scale sectarian civil war between Sunni and Shia Arabs in Iraq. But evidence exists that the roots of the Iraqi civil conflict is political rather than sectarian, and that the best solution is finding a way to bring the troops home.
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