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    • Released December 20, 2006
    FPIF's First Decade: A Bold Collaboration and Vision
    By Erik Leaver

    While some analysts predicted that the fall of the Soviet Union would bring "the end of history" it was clear by the mid-1990s that this was not the case. Military conflicts flared across the globe. The rise of the global economy highlighted the inequities between states. History, at least as it related to pitched battles over ideas and power, had not come to an end. The question soon arose, what role should the U.S. have in shaping the post-Cold War era as the dominant superpower, both economically and militarily?

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    • Released November 14, 2006
    Leveraging "3D" Security: From Rhetoric to Reality
    By Aaron Kishbaugh and Lisa Schirch
    • Released October 18, 2006
    The Horrors of "Extraordinary Rendition"
    By Maher Arar
    Editors Note: Canadian citizen Maher Arar, who is barred from entering the United States, delivered his acceptance speech for the Letelier-Moffitt International Human Rights Award in a pre-recorded videotape. This is a transcript of his speech, which was viewed at the award ceremony hosted by the Institute for Policy Studies on Oct. 18, 2006 in Washington, DC.
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