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    • Released April 25, 2007
    How the Peace Movement Can Win
    By Lawrence S. Wittner
    The peace movement is a very important part of American life. Much like the labor movement, the racial justice movement, and the women's movement, the peace movement is comprised of an array of organizations and millions of supporters. It maintains a visible public presence through meetings, demonstrations, vigils, leaflets, letters to the editor, newspaper ads, art, music, lobbying, and occasional civil disobedience actions. In addition, it inspires the loyalty of prominent cultural figures, intellectuals, and politicians. And many of its key goals—for example, ending the war in Iraq, fostering international cooperation, and securing nuclear disarmament—have broad popular support.
    • Released March 9, 2007
    China in Africa: ItÂ’s (Still) the Governance, Stupid
    By Akwe Amosu
    Deep inside the tropical forest of Gabon, 500 miles from the coast, China is going where no other investors dare. A Chinese consortium, led by the China National Machinery and Equipment Import and Export Corporation, has won the contract to develop Gabon’s massive Belinga iron ore deposit. In return for purchasing the entire output, Chinese operators will build not only the extractive infrastructure at Belinga but a hydro-electric dam to power it, a railway to the coast, and a deepwater port north of the capital, Libreville, for exporting the ore.
    • Released December 20, 2006
    An Evening of Reflection: FPIF's 10th Anniversary
    By Marie Dennis, William D. Hartung, Martha Honey

    Marie Dennis, Co-chair, IRC Board I am delighted to be here to celebrate with you …

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