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    • Released February 28, 2008
    Iran in the Crosshairs
    By Phyllis Bennis
    (Editor's note: This is the introduction to the new primer, Iran in the Crosshairs, published by the Institute for Policy Studies. The full report is available here. Print copies can be ordered by calling IPS.)
    • Released February 6, 2008
    Is China a Threat?
    By Henry Rosemont

    China’s unprecedented industrial growth over the last two decades has raised the question of whether it now poses a threat to the security of the United States economically, militarily, or both. Economically, the extent to which China truly threatens the United States depends at least in part on the chauvinistic assumption that any potential challenge to absolute U.S. global economic dominance is threatening.

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    • Released January 31, 2008
    Military vs. Climate Security
    By Miriam Pemberton

    Accepting his Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore called on the nations of the world to mobilize to avert climate disaster “with a sense of urgency and shared resolve that has previously been seen only when nations have mobilized for war.”

    This report measures in fiscal terms how far our own nation has to go to reach that goal.

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