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    • Released April 4, 2008
    Democracy Promotion Doublespeak
    By Patrick W. Quirk
    • Released April 3, 2008
    The Other Guantanamo
    By David Vine
    On the small, remote island of Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean halfway between Africa and Indonesia, the United States has one of the most secretive military bases in the world. From its position almost 10,000 miles closer to the Persian Gulf than the east coast of the United States, this huge U.S. air and naval base has been a major, if little known, launch pad for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the past year, the Bush administration has made improvements that point toward its use in a possible attack on Iran. The administration recently admitted what it had long denied and what journalists, human rights investigators, and others had long suspected: The island has also been part of the CIA’s secret “rendition” program for captured terrorist suspects.
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    • Released March 17, 2008
    The Iraq War: The Costs to States
    By Erik Leaver and Jenny Shin

    Five years ago, the Bush administration launched what may become the greatest foreign policy disaster of this country’s over 200 years of history, and today we stand on the threshold of the 4,000th American killed, the 30,000th American tragically wounded, and the millionth Iraqi dead.

    These latest fact sheets outline the costs of this war to all 50 states and the District of Columbia to help illustrate the local costs of the war. It is designed for duplication and popular education.

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