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    • Published March 31, 2012
    • 200
    • ISBN 0872865452
    Crusade 2.0: The West's Resurgent War on Islam
    By John Feffer

    Crusade 2.0 examines the resurgence of anti-Islamic sentiment in the West and its global implications. John Feffer discusses the influence of three "unfinished wars"--the Crusades, the Cold War, and the current "war on terror." He presents a timely, concise, and provocative look at current events in the context of historical trends and goes beyond a "clash of civilizations" critique to offer concrete ways to defuse the ticking bomb of Islamophobia.

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    • Published January 26, 2012
    All Over the Map: The Best of World Beat
    By John Feffer

    Foreign policy analyst John Feffer looks at global affairs in the Obama era. This collection of more than 125 Foreign Policy In Focus columns covers war, peace, terrorism, global economics, culture, democracy, and the environment. It critically analyzes what's happening all over the map, from the financial crisis to the Arab Spring, and offers specific recommendations for Washington policymakers 

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    • Published January 28, 2009
    • ISBN 978-0-7391-3167-1
    Mandate for Change: Policies and Leadership for 2009 and Beyond
    By Chester Hartman

    Three decades ago, conservative ideologues at The Heritage Foundation produced a primer on the Reagan Revolution entitled Mandate for Leadership, which offered an overarching philosophy against the role of government and in favor of markets.

    Today, IPS has taken on the same task for the  Obama administration. Mandate for Change is aimed at strengthening the new administration at a time when the need for progressive policies — and appointing progressive people to lead such efforts—is most urgent.

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